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Chateau Martet
Chateau Martet Grand Vin de Bordeaux  
Chateau Martet
Chateau Martet
Chateu Martet - the mill
Chateau Martet
Chateau Martet - the vineyard
Chateau Martet
Grape Varieties
White vines:
· 2 hectares of old SEMILLON of 1965
· ˝ hectare of SAUVIGNON Blanc
· 1 hectare of SAUVIGNON Gris
· ˝ hectare of MUSCADELLE
All these plantings are ideal for making a great quality white wine. These 4 varieties of vines will be assembled from the 2007 vintage on.

Red wines:

More than 20 hectares of MERLOT, the king of our soils producing pleasant, gentle, sensual wines with supple, fruity fragrances. Superb creamy richness, charm and roundness are its key words.


méthode de travail dans le vignoble
- Pruning prioritizing the height of the leaves in order to maximize the photosynthesis ensuring a better maturing of the grapes.
- Well worked out cultivation according to the specifications and under the supervision of the technicians of the Gironde Chamber of Agriculture.
- Thinning out of the leaves from the beginning of July enabling the grapes to ripen without scorching, then green picking in order to decrease the number of bunches per stock thus enabling the remaining ones to concentrate more favourably and to ripen optimally.
- Manual picking and transport of the grapes in small containers so that they reach the fermentation cellar in its entirety without being crushed.
- For the WHITE WINE, pre-fermentation of whole grapes followed by pneumatic pressing, settling and fermentation.
- For the RED WINE, picking off from the bunch followed by vat storing without crushing so that the grapes burst depending on their ripeness.
- No trituration and several pumping overs a day.
- 3-4 weeks of alcoholic fermentation.
- Pneumatic pressing.
- Malo-lactic fermentation in new barrels for the RESERVE DE LA FAMILLE, in vats for HAUTS DE MARTET
-Maturing with lees contact for about 18 months in new oak barrels for the RESERVE, in second wine barrels for HAUTS DE MARTET
- Bottling after clarifying with egg white and hyper-light filtration.