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La Fierté de mon Père

Since 1998 the goal at Martet has been to produce excellent wines.
The vineyard has been entirely replanted at higher densities.
La Réserve de la Famille has become the standard of Château Martet and a true benchmark for Bordeaux wines.

In 2015, thanks to an exceptional year and unfortunately following the death of Patrick, his children and his wife decided to dedicate a special cuvée to him: La Fierté de mon Père.

La Fierté is not a micro cuvée, but rather an extrapolation of what La Réserve de la Famille will become over time. Trials taken to the extreme not for more concentration but for more richness, balance and aromatic intensity. In short, a Pride!

100% Merlot
100% new barrels Radoux Blend 18 months

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